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Yeah, sadly, I suffer a terrible contagious disease called lazyness.
No official plans for any flashes, considering Halloween is this friday and SOMEONE keeps hogging the ONLY computer in my house with Flash and Sony Vegas. Sadly, my lost.

Alright, so for now, Im post-poning my flash called "Creating A Flash" which I havent gone so far with considering my comp is a lousy good for nothing worthless pile of shit. (and Im very lazy)
But the good news is, here comes a Halloween flash! Im hoping for it to come out around Halloween time. Posting a preview pic any time now... Well, if your interested, stay tuned for Halloween!

Toss The Turtle

2009-08-18 17:12:53 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Hey guys, have you played Toss The Turtle yet? If not then u should definitly try it out. But if your afraid of addiction then dont. This game is soo addicting, I couldnt stop playing it. That explains why I got the addiction metal. For some reason, after playing the game I felt like wrighting about it. Its either the fact that I feel accomplished from getting the all the medals (lol) or mindcontrol or the fact that im pretty sure not alot of people would read this. OR... mindcontrol. Haha, the game is great, the art is awesome. Check it out. Im pretty sure you have all seen it in the front page, its not hard to miss.

Dont Read This

2009-08-17 09:25:21 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Ok, so I just found out that I dont have enough submissions to be scouted :\ So everything below this is just what I wrote b4 I knew that, so dont read it :\


So, I uploaded a little something to NewGrounds, some of you have seen it from my last post, if you havent, here it is. n1ghtm1st/creating-a-flash
Its a preview to my first flash "Creating A Flash". Well dont want to get into detail again for reasons. All I ask for is to scout me. I want a little more people to check to check the little drawing out. Well, I pretty much got nothing else to say P: C Ya ^^

Creating A Flash (Preview)

2009-08-16 15:09:57 by M1dN1ghtM1st

So, A little while ago I posted that I am creating a flash. Well, here is a little preview n1ghtm1st/creating-a-flash
Its not much as it is my first flash. Yah I know there are many mistakes in this picture, dont be an ass. Well, pretty much thats all... Tell me what you think. "Creating A Flash" will be coming, someday.

Need Help!

2009-08-03 22:32:47 by M1dN1ghtM1st

I need very dramatic music for a video im making! Something that you would here in an action movie trailer. Also, it needs to be something from here, NewGrounds. Its for something very important :O well to me :P

Asian Music?

2009-07-29 11:05:14 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Here again with some music questions. I am a huge fan of asian music, im not talkin about old chinese stuff, im talkin like japanese pop. Or japanese heavy. I just love that stuff. Are there any songs like that on newgrounds that arent a remix? Im having troubles finding songs like that. Well got nothin else to say now. Thx in advanced

Any1 Know Any Good Bands?

2009-07-28 16:50:17 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Still lookin threw newgrounds for some good music. Found some awesome, found some shit :P
One question, does any1 know any good bands Southwest-Statistic?

I like to find songs like that around newgrounds, gives me a rest from all the techno here :P
Well if any1 wants to help, thx in advanced ^^

Ok, found out a few things
1. I cant make an anime cuz im not japnese -.-, i guess it would just be called an anime based cartoon =.=, how lame.
2. People dont undrstand the word INSANE, sad but true :3
3. There are moms an NewGrounds that try to get u to use proper grammar... wtf.
So yah, still waiting to find something gold on NewGrounds audio, i wouldnt really say the tops are the best here. Also, now im workin on my own song. Im not the best on guitar, still have a looong way to go. But only way to practice, is to play something. same with vocals.
Also, My flash should be coming soon. workin out the plot and art still :P

Lookin For Some Great Songs! No Not Great! The BEST!

2009-07-12 19:48:53 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Hey Its Me Again, Current Flash Still In Progress! And Dont Worry, its not gonna be one of those gay spam first attemp stick fight flashes (I Hope lol).
So Other Then That, Im Lookin For Something To Listen To Here. I Wanna Here The BEST NewGrounds has. So If U Can Please Send Me A Link To What U Think Is The BEST song on NewGrounds. And Im Lookin For Something INSANE and original. I Cant Help But To Notice How Similar Many Songs Sound Here, especially The Techno Ones. So... Thnx In Advanced!
The Way I Type Is Just The Way I Type... Dont Be A Baby About It, What Are You My Teacher?
O yah btw, i want songs from NewGrounds