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Creating A Flash (Preview)

2009-08-16 15:09:57 by M1dN1ghtM1st

So, A little while ago I posted that I am creating a flash. Well, here is a little preview n1ghtm1st/creating-a-flash
Its not much as it is my first flash. Yah I know there are many mistakes in this picture, dont be an ass. Well, pretty much thats all... Tell me what you think. "Creating A Flash" will be coming, someday.


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2009-08-16 15:20:15

can i help

M1dN1ghtM1st responds:

what exactly do you have in mind? and will i be recieving any muffins, cakes, and/or cookies?


2009-08-16 15:25:51

Looks very promising and really funny. PM me when it comes out, because I don't want to miss it!