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Still Lookin For Some Songs here >.<

2009-07-13 20:55:00 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Ok, found out a few things
1. I cant make an anime cuz im not japnese -.-, i guess it would just be called an anime based cartoon =.=, how lame.
2. People dont undrstand the word INSANE, sad but true :3
3. There are moms an NewGrounds that try to get u to use proper grammar... wtf.
So yah, still waiting to find something gold on NewGrounds audio, i wouldnt really say the tops are the best here. Also, now im workin on my own song. Im not the best on guitar, still have a looong way to go. But only way to practice, is to play something. same with vocals.
Also, My flash should be coming soon. workin out the plot and art still :P


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2009-07-13 21:03:57

It is best to use proper grammar regardless of whether you are texting someone, instant messaging someone, or even on a website. Why, you might ask? If you get into the habit of using improper grammar anywhere it might carry over into places where it really matters. It is a choice though, and if you make the choice of not using correct grammar then you are responsible for dealing with consequences.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

M1dN1ghtM1st responds:

lol, true, i wrote like that in English class once XD, i died o.e
but still, can we get over the grammar now, its my problem :P, thx 4 the concerns i guess..