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Hey, Makin A Flash Now, About Time

2009-07-03 13:46:09 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Finnaly gonna make a flash now, got the mic, the system, and the plot, well sort of.
All I need to do is improve my animation skills.
Alright here the plot, its a flash about me making a flash.
Yah sounds stupid at first, but once its done, we'll see then.
So yah, cant wait to get this done.
Also, This has NOTHING to do with my anime, I will be using another system for that, and yah probibly use flash for a few scenes. Lets just call this practice.

Hey, Makin A Flash Now, About Time


2009-06-17 18:45:41 by M1dN1ghtM1st

I am going to attempt to creat an animation, maybe with no voices cuz i has no mic :\
Any suggestions for a great mic? I wants to buy one :3


2009-06-17 13:11:10 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Alright so here I am at NewGrounds. Im in my teens, trying to start something young, but not too young
I am trying to create my own anime series, I dont want to get into too much info here. The most that i will tell you right now is that its about vampires. I will not be using Flash so ill have to find a way to atleast post some shorts of it here. All because Im not using flash doesnt mean Im going to try something stupid and try using paint and windows movie maker, I mean come on XD.
Im here searching for things I can use, like background music, voice actors, you can find so much on Newgrounds :D but until I actaully start some progress i would not be going around asking for voice actors and ect. If i were to fail what a huge waist of time that would of been huh. Ive been around this place for years. I just never had an account.
Well here I am, wish me luck ^^
Dont believe me, well cant blame you :P