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Dont Read This

2009-08-17 09:25:21 by M1dN1ghtM1st

Ok, so I just found out that I dont have enough submissions to be scouted :\ So everything below this is just what I wrote b4 I knew that, so dont read it :\


So, I uploaded a little something to NewGrounds, some of you have seen it from my last post, if you havent, here it is. n1ghtm1st/creating-a-flash
Its a preview to my first flash "Creating A Flash". Well dont want to get into detail again for reasons. All I ask for is to scout me. I want a little more people to check to check the little drawing out. Well, I pretty much got nothing else to say P: C Ya ^^


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2009-08-17 09:31:32

You need at least four submissions to be scouted.

(Updated ) M1dN1ghtM1st responds:

Ohhh, nvm then. Sorry, Im a bit of a n00b here with the art page.


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