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Alright, nothing new.

But sounds very familiar to another one of your songs.

Its Ok

Well, it is your first flash so its not bad. Atleast you didnt make some lame stick video. Hmm, try not to overuse the rainbow gradiant so much XD. Well, music great. Art, could improve, animation, also could improve. Well bassicly thats all. Your art animation arent that great. Need more angles, better lighting and gradiants. Really it was kinda cheap and cheasy, no offense. Im not gonna be one of your fans that wont tell you the real problems with it because im trying to get on your good side or something like that. But I am a fan. Love your songs, but your flash, not so much.

Obviously One Of The Best

Ive watched this thing about 10x already XD. Reminds me so much of Air Gear and Jet Set Radio. Man I wish they would make a new Jet Set Radio :\ If only i had a place like that to skate. Well anyways... Geat Flash, Animations are sick, drawing are epic, effects and coloring just great. Your probibly not gonna read this but I just had the erge (did i spell it right? lol) to type this down. Ill like to see more work from you here. Ive watched most of ur animations and ur definitly my favoite animator on NewGounds. ( I hope that isnt used against me o.0).

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Im Gonna Get All The Metals X3

I love this game, both the artwork and game were purely awesome. This game is so addicting, Even when I failed epicly, I had a good time. The game is simple yet fun. Although it may not be the most original game. I have seen many games like this. I wonder whats the first one. My first was either "Kitty Cannon" Or "Nananka Crash" <- Idk if I spelled it right D:. Well, other then that, I love the game. It will always be a favorite and Ill play it once in a while when Im bored. This is my first time and I almost got all the metals >:] (feels accomplished) I just need 6 more >:D I will get all of them X3

Fun, but pissed me off

almost fuckin impossible, it was fun but then i got pissed off and sayed fuck it.

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Reality Sux

Now only if learning to play the real guitar was this easy. Either way I would still suck haha. not a fan of the new looks and controls, somebody bought this game or something man :\, usually happens to thebest things online, sometimes they get better, sometimes, not so much.
well I would really prefer playing the real guitar hero instead of a flash game but everybody would right ^^ Still nice work, i cant actually judge you badly on this considering i dont have anything on NewGrounds haha

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Good Old Times

The beggining and many otherpieces of this song bought me back to the old times where I used to play Tony Hawk games all day everyday. Well the only problem is the recording. The mic for the voice isnt that great. Well unless thats the sound your aiming for. Needs a litlle fixing here and there. But other then that, its a geat song overall. Keep it up guys ^^

HyruleanHyroe responds:

Haha, just imagine what we could do with a real studio and...well...more talent? :P

Thanks for the review, and you can bet we'll keep it up.

Missing One Thing

Now All You Need Is A Talking Picture Talking To Kids. Haha, nice work guys. Been watching Spongbob for 10 years XD

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Haha gotta love Spongebob

Once again, why is the score so low?

Again, another great song. You gotta hate those assholes who cant make anything better so the give this low score. I mean seriously. Not alot of songs on NewGrounds are like this. Still wish you guys made more song :\ Your songs rock! They deserve way better. I wanna help all I can to make you guys bigger.

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Yah, I Like Anime :3

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